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Ohio General Assembly Passes New BWC Budget

Fri Aug 6th, 2021 On , ,

The Ohio General Assembly recently passed House Bill 75, the new Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) budget. The appropriations made in this legislation are for two years, ending June 30, 2023. This bill provides authorization and conditions for operating the BWC’s programs, as well as makes changes to the Workers’ Compensation Law.

There were several changes that were enacted in the law with this bill. First, the new law requires 26 weeks to pass after the last paid date of Salary Continuation before filing a C92. Salary continuation is a program where an employer may pay an employee full wages and benefits after a work-related injury or illness, instead of the temporary total compensation paid by the BWC. Following the last payment, after 26 weeks you can then file a C92 form, the application for determination or increase of percentage of permanent partial disability.

Second, the statute of limitations has been decreased from two years to one year for submitting a claim for occupational disease.

Third, after a claim for permanent total disability has been denied, the law now requires a claimant to show “new and changed circumstances” in order to reapply.

Finally, the bill authorizes the release of claimants’ information for journalistic purposes. This means that in most cases, regardless of whether the individual’s claims are active or closed, when a journalist submits a written request to the commission or BWC, information including name or names, address or addresses, telephone number or numbers of claimants will be disclosed.

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