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Spitler & Williams-Young in Attendance at OAJ Annual Meeting

Spitler & Williams-Young attorneys Marc Williams-Young, Sabrina Widman, and Alex Marzec recently attended the Ohio Association of Justice (OAJ) Annual Meeting.

Our lawyers are constantly learning and keeping up to date about changing laws, and the OAJ Annual Meeting was an opportunity to spend two days immersed in educational sessions. There was an impressive line-up of speakers on a wide array of topics. Of particular interest to the Spitler & Williams-Young team were topics such as increasing the value of cases with emotional distress, updates in workers compensation law, and how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting jurors’ thinking, attitudes and biases.

Another important session discussed subrogation, the right of reimbursement by health insurance companies, Medicare, or Medicaid of medical costs out of a personal injury settlement or verdict. These coverages are not governed the same way. A federal law called ERISA governs self-funded employer-based health insurance plans. State law controls standard insurance-based health insurance plans whether through an employer or otherwise. Federal law controls Medicare reimbursement. State law controls Medicaid insurance. The rules are all different. The OAJ’s subrogation session was about methods to reduce or avoid reimbursement in order to maximize the money which a client receives.

Technology was also a popular topic of continuing education this year. Seminars on the difficulties and benefits of obtaining and dissecting medical records, forensic tech searches on cell phones and computers, and the pros and cons of using Zoom for jury focus groups were attended.

The Ohio Association of Justice, who put on the meeting, is focused on protecting and promoting “Ohioan’s right to a fair and impartial civil justice system, including their constitutional right to trial by jury.” They carry out their mission through advocacy, education and training. This important organization has a member network of passionate trial lawyers, the best in their field and held to the highest ethical standards. Their Annual Meeting was an opportunity to sharpen skills and hear from knowledgeable speakers on the latest important topics surrounding the integrity of the civil justice system.

It is through attendance at meetings like these and continued education that we ensure that at Spitler & Williams-Young, we are always prepared to help your case reach its best possible outcome. Our team is always ready to provide you with trusted advice, counsel, and legal strategy. If you have suffered an injury or have any questions, contact us at info@spitlerwilliams-young.law or 419-242-1555.

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